*18.05.1991 Bingen am Rhein

works in Mainz and Seibersbach

My name is Uta Pfrengle, I am currently studying art in Mainz. From an early age on I was fascinated with drawing and painting. This interest didn't fade as I grew older but flourished even more. I took life drawing classes and applied for a spot in the artschool of Mainz, which I was granted. 

In 2015/2016 I went to study abroad in Chico, Ca in the US and discovered a love for ceramics. This new fascination quickly became an obsession of mine. When I came back to Germany I installed a small studio space in the countryside of the Hunsrück. Since 2017 I'm crafting handmade, unique pottery and explore the boundaries of the material. Clay has become an essential material in my artistic work which culminated in the piece "Alnus" which was displayed in a public space in the city center of Mainz during my master thesis exhibition. 

In my work I am driven by a sense of discovery that develops as I investigate materials and their properties. I use various materials and methods such as clay, paper, fabric, video and mold making, throwing, drawing, printmaking, ...

I also enjoy several self taught skills such as sewing clothes and decorative bits and bobs as well as bookbinding, throwing, drawing and bouldering/climbing.


2016 - current Meisterschülerin bei Adrian Williams, Kunsthochschule Mainz

2018 Graduation Master of Education Art & Philosophy

2012 - 2016 Klasse Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner, Kunsthochschule Mainz

2015 - 2016 Art Department California State University Chico, USA

2011 - 2012 Basisklasse Prof. Thomas Schmidt, Heike Aumüller, Kunsthochschule Mainz